Melody of Elitism


"Former Democrat Party MP Wilas Chanpithak has accused the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration of corruption in the purchase of pianos for its schools at a cost of 1.3 billion baht between 2008 and 2014. He said the schools do not even have staff who can teach piano. Mr Wilas, a former chairman of the anti-corruption committee of the House of Representatives, said he investigated the purchases on his own after receiving complaints from the general public and teachers at BMA-run schools."
(Source: Bangkok Post)
So while Bangkok's city hall is occupied in crony capitalism, what happens to the poor, what happens to the marginalized? 

Thailand Zashnain
A disabled beggar crawling on the road in Bangkok.

Thai authorities also seem disinterested in addressing the needs of slum residents in areas of shelter, and land ownership. There’s also the broader problem of urban poverty, especially unemployment, low incomes, adequate healthcare and a lack of access to basic urban services.

I’ve also come across many who are concerned about the rising household debts. Personal loans, from banks and loan sharks, are slow deaths for poor families. Many feel they are left with no choice, with their low incomes and the reality that the cost of living has increased – even for basic needs. As if the urban elites are not aware of the inequality and gutter reality.

Meanwhile, the poor will continue to endure the hardship, and face the music.

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