Our Grand Experiments With Life

When it comes to life, work and travelling, there's never a dull moment. The monotony of daily routine is simply not there. Uniformity is tedious, and I avoid it, and boredom, at all cost.

I lose track of time, and sometimes forgetful of the past. This year has been filled with events and incidents, often overflowing beyond my control and desires. I guess 2015 has been both a blessing and curse, taking a toll on the body and mind. Scars run delicately on limbs, and the mind has not been able to escape the onslaught of impatience.

But I've accepted the facts of my life, somewhat. And I do [and sometimes 'try'] approach the bounties and challenges with that typical Zashnain-outlook, coupled with heavy doses of skepticism of anything resembling institutionalism.


To my courageous colleagues, undaunted partners and patient friends, I thank you for the efforts to overcome the never-ending tide, your silent sacrifices in an unsympathetic realm, and the unique bond, love we share. We do what we do, not because of societal compulsion, nor based on the whims of a dominant ideology. We try, simply because we want.

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