The Disapproving Consciousness

Several nights in Kuala Lumpur, and this city has never failed to drain me. I grow weary quickly, from the moment my legs take me towards the dirty pavement, and then the swirling madness of the corporate rat race, followed by the humidity that saps the body. Kuala Lumpur reminds me of mortality, of mine and of those who have touched my life, often for the worse.

Life, the tussle, on the streets and then a forgotten alley; back in the mud.

Yet in the back lanes of seclusion, I see the faces of those who struggle against the cannibalistic desires of the city. The very people who scuffle to free themselves from hardship.

I am inspired, even for a while; thoughts racing, fueled by adrenaline, and that brief moment in time -- of realization, that I am not alone.

Zashnain Malaysia

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