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Shadow Poetry

The night proves to be slow, uneventful. The blinking lights summon my eyes, lights not from the streets nor from the nearby homes. This device that I'm holding, an old but sturdy phone flickering in anticipation.

Thumbs on the qwerty, Twitter is revived, then the screen displays my sister, +Talk 2 Cleo

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A Symbolic Gesture but Rights and Identity Ignored

Recently Thailand government officers visited a small village, in the southern province of Trang, in conjunction with Children's Day. The village belongs to an indigenous community, referred to by both Thais and Malaysians as Sakai. The Sakai children were anxious when they were approached by the officers, despite being offered toys. After some time, they accepted the gifts.

While it's important for government officers to acknowledge and visit indigenous people, from the northern hill tribes to the southern forest dwellers, there is still much to do.

What of their rights to land, education, livelihood, health care and heritage? What of the prevalent ethnic prejudice towards these marginalized communities, and how will the government and civil society work to overcome the problems? Why have the government repeatedly failed to enable the Sakai community, along with the other tribes, to be involved in decision-making process at policy level? Will this attempt to remember Sakai ch…

Thai Army Releases Patani Activist After Student Rally

The Protest Photos courtesy of Free Voice: /

About 300 students and youth activists rallied on 5 January 2016 at the Ingkhayuttha Borihan military camp, calling for the release of Abdul Rahim Royak.

According to PerMAS, Abdulrahim "is a member of PerMAS and was slandered and wrongly accused of security related charges by the Thai military" and that lead to his arrest a week ago.

Abdul Rahim Royak is a member of the Bahasa dan Budaya [language and culture] committee, within the network of PerMAS focusing on cultural awareness activities. Abdul Rahim is also an active human rights activist in the conflict-torn province of Narathiwat.

PerMAS is a youth movement network that aims to promote peace in Patani and rejects all forms of violence. PerMAS is always standing with the Patani people.

According to a local news network, Prachatai:

"After a rare demonstration by Muslim Malays in the restive Deep…

Life is a Joyless Journey

Feet sweeping the street, she walks on garbage - the abandoned filth of society scattered about. Torn rubber, what's left of slippers on her dark almost-swollen feet. 
Words mean nothing, there is practically nothing for her now. She shrugs off the words, and ignores more attempts. Her mission is her focus; she is determined.
She continues her journey, out from the intricate network of paths; through small lanes, then walks on a cement slab over a canal. Out, from the maze. 
At last, away from the tight squeeze and the away from the pensive state of affairs, far from the ear-splitting shrieks and barking dogs.
Now, she's on the main street. Surrounded by tall buildings and elevated structures. All dedicated to the gods of capitalistic appetite, of pure hard currency that binds souls, reason and delusions. This city, and it's development, towers up to the high heavens, the glaring sky with the mountainous clouds.
She finds a place, beside a pedestrian bridge. A crowd surge …