Thai Army Releases Patani Activist After Student Rally

The Protest

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About 300 students and youth activists rallied on 5 January 2016 at the Ingkhayuttha Borihan military camp, calling for the release of Abdul Rahim Royak.

According to PerMAS, Abdulrahim "is a member of PerMAS and was slandered and wrongly accused of security related charges by the Thai military" and that lead to his arrest a week ago.

Abdul Rahim Royak is a member of the Bahasa dan Budaya [language and culture] committee, within the network of PerMAS focusing on cultural awareness activities. Abdul Rahim is also an active human rights activist in the conflict-torn province of Narathiwat.

PerMAS is a youth movement network that aims to promote peace in Patani and rejects all forms of violence. PerMAS is always standing with the Patani people.

According to a local news network, Prachatai:

"After a rare demonstration by Muslim Malays in the restive Deep South, the Thai military on Wednesday evening released a Muslim Malay youth detained on allegations related to the insurgency.
The Internal Security Operations Command Region 4 released Abdul-rohim Roya shortly before 7 pm on Wednesday at ISOC’s Sirindhorn Camp in Yarang District, Pattani Province. The release was made after members of Federation of Patani Students and Youth (PerMas) and civil society workers gathered at ISOC on Tuesday and Wednesday, demanding the release.
Abdul-rohim was detained at Ingkayut Borihan Military Base in Pattani Province for six days. There were reports that Abdul-rohim faced ill-treatment during pre-charge detention."

The Release

Abdul Rahim Royak [in green,pink t-shirt] released on 6 January 2016.

Photos courtesy of Insouth Voice:

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