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A Doctrine to Bind Them All

"Final version of draft charter states 200 senators will be junta appointed, 50 others chosen by professional and social organizations." - Anadolu AgencyThai charter drafting body gives in to junta's demands [23 March 2016]

Obviously. When the constitution is approved, the country returns to the dark ages where the military continues to play a crucial role in ruling a once-vibrant nation. Power, the ultimate prize of elitism. As for the masses, the rural communities and the poor will be at the bottom of the hierarchy. Naturally their voices will not be heard.

We Worked Hard, But We Lost

In the age of intelligence, we lose our senses.

The Unmaking of Charity

Charity has become a social event. A time of giving, where the poor, the rejects, the disabled and orphans queue to receive aid, to receive sacks of rice, money and perhaps words of sympathy.

Waiting in line has its price, as faces of destitution and loss are captured by the annoying, clicking sounds of cameras, bodies wrecked in pain basking in flashes of light. That backdrop, grand colorful banners with portraits of grinning donors; its hard not to notice them.

Then you have the officials, the corporate leaders and political wannabes passing the donations, some with mock cheques, with little care for those eager, and often nervous, trembling hands.

The giver simply cares for the limelight, this supposedly act of generosity.

Charity events, a blitz of blight, that sucks the energy of those desperate for food, for kindness, for an act of humanity. There is none, of course, sadly, as the ones in suits, with that expensive taste and with a harem of publicity-hungry cronies, are only interes…

Behind the Smile, the Hypocrite Hides

Joko the Hypocrite. A president who still believes in the barbaric enslavement of indigenous population of West Papua.

Crawling in Pain and Ignored

Slowly the limbs move, painfully.

A hand and foot rubs against rough dirty ground as giants walk pass him, with no care for his well being. Except maybe, fearful of his wrecked body touching them.

Life, such painful truth.

But society continues, ignoring those weaker, and those condemned in the land of the damned.

When Poverty Knocks

There has been no development for residents of Bangkok's slums. Its as if people, particularly the urban and rural poor, are expected to fend for themselves in a junta-ruled Thailand. Scavenging, working through the labyrinths by day and the main roads, the markets by night.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, the provincial government of Thailand's capital, has failed miserably in the implementation of public policy and within the areas of accountability of expenditures. BMA has also failed in public health access for the poor, and non-existent housing/shelter plans for the homeless. There is an increase of dengue cases, no mental health care programs and a bleak outlook for those with disabilities.    

BMA, middle-class society, officials and the junta have often ignored the homeless and the residents of slums. Thais are not the only ones facing these challenges. There is a growing migrant and refugee population, that face sociopolitical exclusion, and often are not pro…

We Toiled Away

Suspended moment, hour by hour the work saps into flesh and bone. Labor, with grueling hours to boot. Shovels, tools, and machinery placed aside. Ragged, sweating and greasy. Breathing in the dust; exhaling, followed by a cough.

Foreign and local laborers built the city, continuing and patching development to the country; and forgotten they become. Their names unlisted in history.

Hope raises no dust

Sensations, to glimmer in the mind and heart.

Wet Your Face

The unbearable. Sunlight and the heatwave, and promises of a bitter week wreck the landscape. Dry soil, petrified by the wrath of nature. As the orb glides higher, away from the horizon, the rays scorch the unprotected; a bright doom that ravages the organic legacy of our world. 
By evening, weakened mortals retreat to their homes in exhaustion, some succumbing to the blistering lethargy, while others venture in a state of asphyxiation.
After a long absence in the country's history, the drought has returned. She comes with a vengeance, draining the will of the population, baking the terrain with her embrace and scattering the forces of the institution that swore to protect society against a raging, unbeatable foe.

Fickle, Unreasoning Civilized Rampage

We take the legacy we inherit for granted. We take nature, simply for our amusement, to shape as we please. We, we, we. It has been that way, I guess, for eons, the moment the masses grow civilized, educated. We ignore the landscape, the gentle curves of hills and towering mountains. We rape the land, we brutalize the rivers, we abandon our creation to the oceans.

We tear into the soil, we abandon common sense to satisfy our insecurities, our fitful whims. Nothing is every enough. We rampage all in the name of development, we tear the scenery apart.

We do all this, because we can, we want.

Ashamed of Wealth and Inequality

It ends here, the hard pavement under tired, bruised feet, It ends there, the corner where sunlight bakes the soil. It ends today.