The Unmaking of Charity

Charity in Malaysia Thailand

Charity has become a social event. A time of giving, where the poor, the rejects, the disabled and orphans queue to receive aid, to receive sacks of rice, money and perhaps words of sympathy.

Waiting in line has its price, as faces of destitution and loss are captured by the annoying, clicking sounds of cameras, bodies wrecked in pain basking in flashes of light. That backdrop, grand colorful banners with portraits of grinning donors; its hard not to notice them.

Then you have the officials, the corporate leaders and political wannabes passing the donations, some with mock cheques, with little care for those eager, and often nervous, trembling hands.

The giver simply cares for the limelight, this supposedly act of generosity.

Charity events, a blitz of blight, that sucks the energy of those desperate for food, for kindness, for an act of humanity. There is none, of course, sadly, as the ones in suits, with that expensive taste and with a harem of publicity-hungry cronies, are only interested in self-glory. Their quest for the limelight is obvious, and suffocating. Gut wrenching portrayal of hypocrisy and apathy. A game for those eager to put the poor on a silver plate, for the rich to consume in amusement or poke at with token pity.

Once gifts are offered, the rich, the privileged leave the stage. Escorted by those wanting to bask in the light of their masters. They leave with an eagerness to abandon this ungodly sight, of humanity in misery.

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