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#LetWestPapuaVote for Self-Determination

Indigenous Papuans have a body of knowledge and experience that is unique to their situation. They have views, ideas and aspiration as a result of that experience.

Yet they, as a population, face the institutional repression of the Indonesian military, the barbarism of the Indonesian police. The colonists simply refuse to recognise the legitimacy of Papua identity.

Indonesia's presence in West Papua is illegal and brutal; the illusion of governance sometimes hides impunity and slavery. Lives are lost, ruined and the land destroyed.

Papuans who exercise their human right to their way of life, and to resist the colonising forces are met with arrests, intimidation and brutality.

Papuans, the masses, demand for their right to decision-making. Their fundamental right to express their views freely, for their children, their land and their home. The right to the present and future, and the right to be heard in all matters affecting them.

Their right, I support, for self-determination, an…