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Bangkok Street Vendors Hard at Work

Those who feed the city, and those who enable communities to thrive in Thailand's capital.

The Dream Within The Nightmare

The right-wing government seems satisfied, and often euphoric, about their selfless contribution to the national economy. Its a wonderful dream, really. Our great leader, almost single-handedly, propelling his transformation goals into the future. The savior.

That being said, the urban poor continues with their hardship in Kuala Lumpur. A struggle without dignity and identity. Society seems oblivious to the sad state of affairs, with the increasing homelessness and unemployment.

Society appears to relish in delusions, where as long as they mind their own business, they can afford to remain indifferent to the problems of the marginalized.

But then who cares. Not many care that Malaysians, stateless, refugees and migrant workers face problems with housing and welfare, among many other challenges. Basic rights, down the drain.

Then again, maybe we should all embrace the grand delusion. That everything is ok, alright, fine. Maybe we could continue living in a dream, that is sustained by t…