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We've heard, often, how governments, municipal councils, NGOs and individuals demand for a safer city, and frequently some would advocate for the development of a city that's disabled-friendly.

As for Kuala Lumpur, communities living with disabilities face a multidimensional horror from an uncaring society, not to mention the lackadaisical attempt by authorities to solve the concerns of disabled people. 

In many parts of Malaysia's capital, the tactile paving offers no real assistance to the blind and visually impaired. Perhaps we're expected to continue believing that Kuala Lumpur is a developed, rich, safe city for all.

Kuala Lumpur Disabled
Challenging for a visually-impaired person to navigate [Brickfields / Dec 2016]
Disability nightmare in Kuala Lumpur
Folks living with disabilities often have to rely on each other for support. 
[Brickfields / Dec 2016]
Ampang Kuala Lumpur
Malaysians don't really care until someone gets hurt. [Jalan Ampang / Dec 2016]
Society KL Malaysia
Does society understand the importance of tactile paving? Or we just don't care.
[Brickfields / Dec 2016]
KL Monorail Malaysia
How are disabled people suposed to walk safely when motorcycles are obstructing their path?
[Brickfields / Dec 2016]

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