The Art of Control: Single Gateway

Internet Surveillance

The state of cyber surveillance and internet freedom:

Officials announced last year they had scrapped the plan after it was met with public outrage. It instead rebranded the effort as part of a digital economy initiative while moving forward parallel efforts such as rewriting cybercrime law to grant broader powers to authorities to intercept and censor communications without due process.

Rights groups such as the Thai Netizen Network, Amnesty International Thailand and Internet Law Reform Dialogue, or iLaw, have urged people to campaign against it. The number of people signing an online petition to stop the law on has soared in the past few days to more than 120,000 names.

Those rewriting the law heard a range of suggestions from activists and the private sector at a public hearing on Nov. 23, none of which were addressed in the latest draft released Friday.

Source: Khaosod English

News: NLA insists there is no turning back on computer crime bill despite protests

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