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Away from the city's main arteries

Polluted and stagnant, the canal below my feet. Above, made from cement and iron. the elevated walkway. 
Surrounded by a slum, and friendly folks. 
Under this structure. I found myself in a sanctuary, briefly, away from the blistering sunlight and the madness of a bloated city. 

Retirement. Not Just Yet

Urbanization and migration have changed the patterns of living. For the past few years, locals and migrant workers have not seen any marked improvements. To them, like others in the informal work sector, the declining economy leaves a negative impact on their lives and dependents.

Migrant workers and refugees often work long hours. Many send money to their families in Myanmar. Often its just not enough.

Temporary Employment, Uncertain Future

For the low-paid worker, long hours and grueling tasks are expected of them.

Its getting harder and harder everyday

Impact of a declining economy has left street fruit vendors in Loei struggling to make ends meet.

Loei, Part 2

Mountains, hills, farmlands, rivers and rural folks. I felt a sense of satisfaction, of being in the north. I love Loei's winter, with the cold nights and sunny days. The people are friendly and accommodating, while the towns and simple villages are not congested. I briefly entertained thoughts of settling down in such places.

While most communities depend on agriculture as a source of livelihood, there are no evidences of development to improve their quality of life. Tourism seems only popular during 'winter' as many Thais from the south would rush to Loei to enjoy the cold weather. I wonder, what happened to the junta's road-map to develop this province. And maybe the local population are numb to empty promises of the Bangkok-based political elites.

I must return to Leoi. There's so much to do here, to explore.

Part 1: The land of seas of mountains