Loei, Part 2

Mountains, hills, farmlands, rivers and rural folks. I felt a sense of satisfaction, of being in the north. I love Loei's winter, with the cold nights and sunny days. The people are friendly and accommodating, while the towns and simple villages are not congested. I briefly entertained thoughts of settling down in such places.

Taking a break in Mueang Loei.
Street lottery sellers taking a break.
Ferry services at the river border of Thailand and Laos.
Families having lunch by the river.
Farmland in the rural parts of Loei.
Beautiful scenery and fresh wind on a sunny day.
It's so relaxing to be away from mega cities and urbanites.
Breakfast before the journey to the mountain.

On Phu Tok. Admiring the sea of fog.
While most communities depend on agriculture as a source of livelihood, there are no evidences of development to improve their quality of life. Tourism seems only popular during 'winter' as many Thais from the south would rush to Loei to enjoy the cold weather. I wonder, what happened to the junta's road-map to develop this province. And maybe the local population are numb to empty promises of the Bangkok-based political elites.

I must return to Leoi. There's so much to do here, to explore.

Part 1: The land of seas of mountains

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