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  • TMS


    Being not costly distribution transformers, utility companies don’t care that big number of outage potentials. Losing each distribution transformer normally at the pick time will reduce total revenue as well as customer satisfaction while cost-effective monitoring of such transformers provides live tracking to prevent any transformer failure.

    Solution Overview

    Hexing' Transformer Monitoring System (TMS) is designed based on state-of-the-art multi-functional gateway which accurately measures electrical parameters of transformer' LV side, manages belonging smart PLC or RF residential meters (as a DCU) and monitor transformer' oil or even control relevant feeder/transformer ( up to 800A).

    This advanced TMS unit has 2 types for the cases that utility wants to monitor the transformer and manage smart meters or monitor transformer, manage smart meters with extra ability of remote switching. Basic unit measures secondary side of transformer via portable Rogowski CTs and advanced type does same measurement but via normal split-core CTs installed in the box. Collected load, network and oil data will be securely transferred to the utility over GPRS/3G/4G or even Ethernet cable.

    Except asset management that is the main concern of Hexing TMS, there are other applications like peak shaving, loss monitoring (a key tool of ATC&C system) and Feeder monitoring, all to optimize smart grid structure.

    • HXEJ200

    • HXEJ201

    • XTC-S400

    • HHU

    Key Benefits

    Enhancing network reliability

    Outage reduction

    Asset optimization

    Demand management

    Installation and commissioning' costs reduction through unique combined TMS unit (DCU+TMU+CB)

    Facilitation of distribution network' maneuver

    Load balancing Enhancement

    Street lighting management

    Project value

    ·           集約化、多位一體設計節約了初始投資

    ·           集成gateway功能,為智能電網假設鋪路

    ·           主站系統采集詳盡的變壓器運行數據,包括電能質量參數和總電能數據

    ·           基于運行數據的智能分析,為電力公司建議預防性維護計劃

    ·           實現臺區線損計算和跟蹤分析

    ·           設備插拔式安裝,易于維護,無需對現有變壓器進行改造

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