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  • iDMS


    Actualizing smartness in distribution network layer like what utility companies expect from smart metering become new target of distribution industry and crucial factor of smart grid deployment. Enhancing distribution network performance tightened with outage reduction, accurate estimation and fast reaction.

    Solution Overview

    Integrated Distribution Management System (iDMS) is a mature combined structure enabling utilities monitor, control and manage distribution network. This ideal system enables utilities fast track the faults and outages, accurately manage the dispatching and restoration processes and meticulously analysis the productivity of network.

    Hexing' iDMS as a backbone of smart grid platform provides variety of developed functions to manage the outages and faults, track the loss and real-time network monitoring & controlling. This combined interoperable structure supports different standards and protocols; IEC-60870-101, IEC-60870-5-104, IEC-870-5-503, Modbus, DNP3.0, IEC-61850 & IEC61970/61968.

    This enhanced platform has important position in smart grid deployment to support many different applications like substation and feeder monitoring, outage management and faults evaluation.

    • HXD810

    • HXD410

    • HXD420

    Key Benefits

     Enhancing distribution network performance

     Preventing brownout and blackout

     Increasing customer satisfaction by offering a more reliable network

     Improving distribution network planning

     Distribution network stabilizing

     Easy interoperable with other 3th party systems over CIM standard

     Advanced outage management through FLISR function

     Load forecasting

    Project value