Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Half-baked ideas lead to a decay of justice

woman at work, clearing the trash

Half-baked ideas.

We hear too many impractical solutions on the world's problems. Its not as if we have not heard them before. These grand ideas and approaches are the pure vomit of lazy bureaucrats, wannabes and people with double-degrees + PhD from some God-forsaken university. 

Irrelevant to me. 

Committing political will at this stage may only solve self-esteem issues and the need to be in front of a camera, dazed by the flashes, posing obnoxiously for the photo-shoot. 

Justice for the poor? Nonsense. Even after decades of civilized governance and warehouses filled with "lessons learned" documents, we have failed to even nurture the spirit for society to jointly combat poverty, or realistically reduce the numbers of rural poor. 

Seems nowadays people are falling on top of each other, trying to outwit themselves, merely to stress the obvious: The rule of law is when one has the money to purchase a luxurious lifestyle and secure that freedom of enjoyment. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Stand By Me" by @cke5

These paintings represent the strength given to me by friends and family. They have stood by me as I have stood by them. The hands reach out for acceptance, the full body figures show warmth and comfort.

When I am so alone I can't see my hands, can't feel my skin, can't taste the air, can't smell the sea, can't hear my own heart...stand by me.

Ranting: A Dip into the Mind of Contradiction

Rush Hour in Bangkok

Roof tops, forgotten and neglected

Crowded settlement, or simply "Slum"

Storm approaching

Its fascinating, this unpredictable wager, the one that I seem to be at a losing end. Life moves, at times with no clarity, no meaning, within that blasted void that some of us call memory or senses. This time around, I learn much from people in this city, not just the usual dramas and predictable consequences.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bidding My Time, Waiting for that Puff of Clarity

A few moments of clarity, mixed with a sprinkle of confusion. I am known for that, maybe, though several days ago I was emotionally exhausted from the traveling. Did not feel young all of a sudden, merely this seductive desire to close my eyes and embrace the much-needed slumber. 

The journey has just started

Its not as if I have not thought about the end of the road, traveling does all sorts of wickedness to the mind. Have entertained it, though ever-so-rarely. That fermentation of the inability to search for a new experience or that dreaded prospects of not feeling the adrenaline again. A traveling junkie? Perhaps. Or merely a person who seeks that speck of humanity in the vast ghettos of loss and abandonment.

There is no nobility to social work. It is extremely difficult, back-breaking endeavor - a thankless passion that draws me to the slums, surrounded by the filth of degradation that evoke the aura of my barbaric, impatient side. Almost no one notices a social worker, nor would people understand what one does; nor does it makes an interesting topic of discussion for the gossip-hungry hi-so bright-eyed woman. The motivation of a social worker varies, depending on the strengths and weaknesses of that person, in general is that desire to contribute what you can for the betterment of a marginalized and vulnerable group. 

I don't think much about my country, Malaysia, nor do I care about the amusing, clownish behaviors of many. Makes no difference to them nor does it makes a difference to me... somewhat. Some still live in their perfection of idealism, conforming to the bizarre illusions; perhaps such sensation brings about joy, focus and distraction, from the realities. 

Bangkok seems fine, for now, to satisfy the need for adventure and to do what I do best - to be that annoying, loudmouth asshole who speaks no Thai but talks in rapid-rhythms with animated features. 

My passion, twisted it may appear, is in the cesspool of poverty; that which makes others cringe in terror at the sight of a homeless, dirty vagabond or flinch at the darting eyes of oppressed and misunderstood young people. Do I care what Bangkok high-society think of me? No. I care not. I am determine to do what I can to help those who seek for it.

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