Thursday, May 10, 2012

War against Institutionalised Apathy

Frustration burns wildly in my soul. In a matter of moments, soon, my tortured soul will turn into fury, once more.

I cannot stand this agony of seeing the poor and the marginalised suffer under the mountain of society's apathy. It is absolutely disgusting.

The fury will be like a blazing forest, fueled by the agony of those that society has ignored or discriminated. Have people died in vain? Of course. Society ignores the needs of the poor for the whims of the elites. It is easier for many to close their eyes and pretend that the poor, the homeless, the disabled, the dying, and the indigenous do not exist.

In desperation, I show defiance to the world. I have been drawn into the slaughterhouse of mayhem, where the Institution expects a conventional war against people like me. There are so few of us, I cannot hope to win in this wicked carnage. Oppression and institutionalised apathy seems to be gaining the upper hand, but deep within my soul my bruised strength remains.

I may not be able to achieve much in this life. Defeat me, aye that you will, but as I fall, others will fight the oppression.

I am never alone.


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